A technology for finding users on social media that look as much like the company’s clients as possible.

Parameters used

  • Social and demographic characteristics.
  • Field and education.
  • Interests and hobbies.
  • Genre preferences.
  • community membership, etc.

About the algorithm

The Look-alike algorithm is based on Collaboration Filtering machine learning methods.

In products

Other technologies

  • User Interests Mining

    Mining social media user interests based on their behavior. More than 250 different interests

  • Customer Profiling

    Determination of the social media user’s social and demographic profile

  • Social Network Search

    Search company clients on social media by telephone and/or e-mail for research and advertising purposes

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Determination of the tone of the text and identification of +30 basic emotions, including sadness, surprise, desire, etc.

  • Topic Categorization

    Text categorization by +200 topics such as sports, real estate, finance, etc.

  • Profile Matching

    Identification of a single user’s profiles on different social media and integration of their information

  • User Data Matching

    Used to match social media user profiles with user data in free form