The social profile of loft fans


Profile loft fans


Describe the social profile of followers of groups dedicated to lofts with a set of parameters, including social and demographic characteristics, interests, activity on social media, and income level.


The analysis was based on data collected on VKontakte and Facebook. The sample size was 12,599 unique profiles:

  • 5,360 on VKontakte
  • 5,360 on Facebook
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Loft-style apartments are becoming increasingly popular in our country. A style that people have long been used to in the west is now gradually coming into focus for Russians. Research suggests that women are relatively more interested in loft-style apartments (61.3% vs. 38.7% of men). The reason for this obvious division is the traditional interest shown by women in beautiful interiors and unusual architectural solutions and design.

Analysis of other data shows that:

Lofts appeal most to people in artistic professions: designers (13.1%), photographers (8.3%), and media staff (8.1%). Wedding photographers, decorators, sculptors, and artists use the unique design of lofts in their work, including by setting up studios in their own home.

About 63.4% of respondents make under RUB 30,000 a month. About 19.6% make RUB 60,000–90,000; 14.4%, RUB 30,000–60,000, and only 2.6%, RUB +90,000 a month. The last group includes exclusively Moscow residents working in finance, banking, and IT.

Loft fans represent a narrow target segment. Therefore, it is advisable to search prospective clients with look-a-like technologies to focus on a wider audience.

Art (53.3%), real estate (49.7%), and advertising (42.5%) are the respondents’ core interests.

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