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Profile of the One Life audience


Profile the target audience of the One Life computer game.


Describe the social profile of One Life followers using the following parameters: sex, age, marital status, education, sources of inspiration, etc.


The profiles of people who joined the One Life group in VKontakte were selected for the purposes of this research. The sample size was 5,668 participants. The integral profile system designed by Digital Society Laboratory specialists was used to export data. The data was processed in packages of statistical programs through frequency distribution and cross tables.

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    One Life is focused primarily on men (96.3% vs. 3.7% women). It is characteristic for masculine advertising to be laconic and contain true facts and accurate data in the message. Copywriting is much simpler when the target audience is homogeneous as texts can be dedicated to an entirely male audience. For example, “Man, if you survive you won!” (compare with the impersonal “Survive to win!”), etc.

    The One Life target audience is mature, with about one-third of potential users being respondents aged 25 to 34 (32.2%). As a rule, these people have a university degree and a certain amount of life experience. These types of gamers consume more complex gaming content, are perceptive of references to historical events, and can draw similarities and recognize global leaders and book heroes in game characters.

    The rating of popular professional fields is headed by IT (10.0%), advertising, marketing, media (9.4%), and wholesale and retail (5.3%). These sectors are represented by a host of different companies, such as Internet agencies, game studios, software developers, online shops, etc. People that follow One Life also include representatives of companies that develop computer games and mobile gaming applications— Play Flock, Male Group, Game Insight, GD-Team, Mobstudio, and others.

    Members of the target audience have a sustained interest in anything associated with leisure (91.9%), the consumption of goods (62.9%), sports (59.1%), and information technology (42.9%). The top objective of the Marketing Department might be taking into account gamer interests not directly associated with the gaming process. It should be noted in particular that education is only at 27.2%, although a significant portion of prospective clients currently study at a variety of educational institutions. Respondents use social networks for communication and leisure and, to a lesser extent, notice materials that may prove useful.

    The plot and mechanics of the game are in obvious contradiction to the gamers’ system of life priorities. The topic of family and children (46.7%) is quite hard to utilize in a survival genre. It this case, the self-development answer (16.4%) as the gamers’ top second draws much more focus.

    New gamers should be sought primarily among the fans of Counter-Strike (21.6%), S.T.A.L.K.E.R (15.3%), and Grand Theft Auto (13.6%). It is these games that the group followers play most often. A sustained interest in the game can also be found among survival fans (Minecraft (6.0%), DayZ (2.6%), etc.).


    Target audience of One Life, an online multiplayer game:

    • Men prevail among gamers (96.3% vs. 3.7% women).
    • Young people from 18 to 24 (44.1%) and 25 to 34 (32.2%) make up the core audience.
    • Most gamers live in Russia (72.9%), followed by Ukraine (18.5%) and Belarus (4.9%).
    • Among Russians, Moscow (14.8%) and Saint Petersburg (6.4%) residents show the most interest in the game.
    • School and college students prevail among gamers (23.8%). Those who work are primarily employed in IT (12.0%), advertising, marketing, media (9.4%), and wholesale and retail (5.3%).
    • In social networks, users are attracted by content associated with leisure time (91.9%), goods (62.9%), sports (59.1%), and information technology (42.9%).
    • The key sources of inspiration are music (21.3%), friends (20.2%), and games (10.9%).
    • Popular types of music is rock (29.6%).
    • Popular genres of films are science fiction (31.9%), action (23.5%), and horror (17.5%).
    • The most read book is Stalker by the Strugatsky Brothers (at least 12.7%).
    • Favorite computer games are Counter-Strike (21.6%), S.T.A.L.K.E.R (15.3%), and Grand Theft Auto (13.6%).

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