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Buebchen on VKontakte: comparative analysis


Compare Buebchen and Johnson’s Baby communities in VKontakte and prepare recommendations to promote the Buebchen brand.


  • Compile the social profile of Buebchen community followers.
  • Evaluate the frequency and type of materials posted in the Buebchen community.
  • Identify the interests of Buebchen community members.
  • Identify the opinion leaders among Buebchen community followers.
  • Point out promising areas for the promotion of the Buebchen community.


1.Processing publicly available data from the pages of Buebchen and Johnson’s Baby community followers.

2.Content analysis of posts published in the Buebchen and Johnson’s Baby communities.

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As of September 1, 2016, there were 9,793 followers in the Buebchen official group, and 20,372, in Johnson’s Baby group. The audience overlap was 306 people (3.1% of Buebchen followers).

The Buebchen audience most often responds to publications about young mothers (15.0%), music (8.6%), and gambling addiction (8.0%). Johnson’s Baby audience responds more to publications about young mothers (37.6%), cooking (8.9%), and toys and goods for children (6.9%).

272 and 187 posts were published in the Buebchen and Johnson’s Baby official groups, respectively, from September 1, 2015, to September 1, 2016.

During this year, the followers of the Buebchen group performed 2,467 target actions, and Johnson’s Baby followers, 37,661. The Buebchen audience’s most popular action was the "like" (1,966, or 79.7% of all actions), and Johnson’s Baby, the comment (21,977, or 58.4% of all actions).

Most posts in Buebchen group are about the company’s products (30.5%).

Opinion leaders are group followers that can influence the opinions of a large number of friends. They are most often used in SMM to:

  • increase the number of the group’s followers;
  • keep the audience informed outside the brand’s group;
  • engage users in events.

See the rating of the top 10 opinion leaders in the Buebchen group.


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