Digital Society Laboratory conducts marketing research based on Big Data technologies, such as data from social networks, search requests, and partner sites.

In addition to traditional research methods, Digital Society Laboratory widely applies modern technologies. As part of its operations, the company designs web applications to study the behavior of different consumer groups. The use of its own software products speeds up the collection of information, cuts the cost of data entry into computers, and ensures transparency in the customer's receipt of data.

Since the company's creation, it now handles new areas of research and products. Digital Society Laboratory research is a mix of unique methodologies, modern technologies, and the dedicated professionalism of its staff. With every project, the company maximizes its intellectual and methodological arsenal to meet and exceed client needs.

Order research
Market research
Trends, competitor analysis, market conditions
Consumer research
Social profile, selection factors, behavioral features
Product research
Brand awareness, frequency, and context of mentions
  • Housing Equalizer: find the apartment of your dreams
    Respondents associate their image of the ideal apartment with a floor plan of 40–59 sq. m (43.6%) on the 1st or 5th floor (a total of 38.7%). City houses, lofts, and duplex apartments were selected less frequently because of high prices.
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  • The social profile of loft fans
    Loft-style apartments are becoming increasingly popular in our country and appeal to a wide variety of people. According to research, 93.8% people that show an interest in lofts are under 35. Photographers, designers, and the wealthy form the core target audience.
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  • Profile of the One Life audience
    Men are the core of the target One Life audience (96.3%). The game draws in fans of Counter-Strike (21.6%), S.T.A.L.K.E.R (15.3%), and Grand Theft Auto (13.6%).
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  • Buebchen on VKontakte: comparative analysis
    272 posts were published, and 2,467 responses were elicited from followers of the Buebchen group in a year. At the same time, 187 posts were published, and 37,661 responses elicited in the Johnson’s Baby group.
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