Smart Apps

Consumer research using special apps. Used to obtain unique data about human behavior. The scenario of the app encourages users to leave information that cannot be obtained through traditional surveys.

Smart Apps are useful in analyzing the real behavior of consumers, learning opinions about products, and finding the optimal price. Digital Society Laboratory uses both ready solutions and creates its own new online applications from scratch.

Sample smart application

When is this needed?

  • Traditional research methods yield no result.
  • The opinion of a narrow target audience needs to be studied.
  • The company faces a marketing challenge.

Other products

  • CRM Profiling Enrichment and updating of CRM systems with structured client information from Facebook and VKontakte
  • Page Analytics Analysis of the web page audience of the brand and its key competitors on Facebook and VKontakte

How does it work?


Participants give honest responses because they want to find something out about themselves
The interactive format turns a tedious research into an exciting game
Ability to learn the opinion of a narrow target audience (top managers, artists, large families, etc.)
Research participants become loyal clients

Example of research

Housing Equalizer: find the apartment of your dreams

A smart application that helps users put together the apartment of their dreams.

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