Page Analytics

Develop a strategy for promoting groups on social media based on research into followers’ interests and a comparison of the qualitative indicators of published materials with the indicators of competitors.

Page Analytics establishes the degree to which posted content matches the interests of followers, suggests appropriate ways to support interest in the community, and indicates groups where prospective clients can be found. The research involves comparing client promotion parameters with those of competitors.

When is this needed?

  • When you need to become the leader in your sector in terms of promotion on social media.
  • Ineffective or low traffic to your website from social media.
  • No knowledge of your audience.
  • Need to increase the number of followers on social media.
  • Low client loyalty.
  • No activity among the community’s followers.
  • Low response to posted materials.

Other products

  • CRM Profiling Enrichment and updating of CRM systems with structured client information from Facebook and VKontakte
  • Smart Apps Innovative solutions for complex marketing challenges based on smart applications

How does it work?


A brand promotion strategy based on real data (frequency of responses to videos, photos, text, etc.)
The quality of efforts on social media can be compared with those of your competitors
Search followers that can influence the opinions of as large an audience as possible

Example of research

Buebchen on VKontakte: comparative analysis

Recommendations on the promotion of the brand’s official group.

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