CRM Profiling

Consumer social profiles based on data from social media and other online sources. Improves your knowledge of clients, used to complete the customer's CRM system with structured information. The company’s clients are located by their mobile numbers or e-mail addresses.

CRM Profiling is used to obtain extended information about consumers and display it in a convenient form. Research includes a description of the target audience based on more than 30 parameters, such as sex, age, education, occupation, income level, interests, etc.

When is this needed?

  • A poor understanding of client needs.
  • Low loyalty to company products.
  • Clients unwilling to leave information about themselves after purchases.
  • No response to company marketing activities.
  • Competitors poaching clients.
  • Small client base.

Other products

  • Smart Apps Innovative solutions for complex marketing challenges based on smart applications
  • Page Analytics Analysis of the web page audience of the brand and its key competitors on Facebook and VKontakte

How does it work?


Findings are based on actual client behavior rather than their own answers
Research is based on machine learning technologies
We can find out which of your competitors your clients go to
Regardless of the scope of CRM data, we guarantee your project will be complete by the due date.

Example of research

Profile of the One Life audience

Analysis identified what inspires the audience.

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