SocialKey Ads is the first Russian service for posting ads on Facebook

Working with Facebook through SocialKey Ads is much easier for SMB, B2B, and local retailers.

SocialKey Ads is a project that makes posting ads in Facebook affordable for the widest possible range of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia. Facebook lacks a representative office in Russia, which makes it quite difficult for local companies to work with its advertising platform. The integration of the Russian project's services with the global social network indeed enabled this without the advertiser directly contracting with Facebook. This will significantly simplify the relevant activities for other Russian companies and, most importantly, primarily SMBs.

Working with Facebook through a Russian service does away with a host of outstanding issues, for example, by providing real-time response to the requests, questions, and problems of advertising companies, making it easier to receive closing documents, which is important for legal entities, using an interest-free payment system, etc. Furthermore, Russian clients will gain access to training sessions, seminars, and other educational services that teach balanced methods for using ads on a social network platform.

Four social networks — one platform...

SocialKey Ads offers its clients a single platform for posting ads on four social networks— VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Moy Mir, and Facebook. And the cost of these ads—based only on impressions or clicks—is identical to the pricing model for ads posted by the client directly on each of the above resources.

Using the SocialKey Ads platform is the best choice both due to its obvious optimization of ad posting and management and its wide range of options for targeting and segmenting, where flexibly customized parameters can help clients save a small fortune by pinpointing the target audience ads will be shown to on social media.

… and one targeting system

Through the use of publicly available data entered in by social media users who are project partners, SocialKey Ads augments and updates a unified database of users and their characteristics. This database was made possible by the practical application of technologies created and optimized for respective application by mathematicians, social scientists, ans specialists in marketing and other domains working at the Russia-based Digital Society Laboratory (DSL), the developer of the SocialKey Ads project.

The project's robots responsible for augmenting and updating the database use only publicly available data, according to Mrs. Yermachenkova, from both social media and other Russian-speaking resources. For example, robots analyze the data from different sources to estimate the level of income a user does not state directly. For example, the algorithms make certain conclusions based on the details of the user’s employer they have provided and on their position, by comparing them with information on job search/offer services. The user may have uploaded their résumé there with a reference to desired salary, but there are also probably offers there from comparable companies recruiting people to similar positions. In addition, robots will also take into account the content of materials posted by the user, the geotags they post, the material wealth of their closest friends on social media, and a lot of other information. The project similarly learns about other characteristics of the user that are crucial for advertisers, including their residential area, platform of computers used, range of interests, etc. Even though the database is augmented and updated automatically, our specialists in certain situations can also manually search and verify data.

Essentially, SocialKey Ads has created the Big Brother of advertiser services. But it is important to note that in its work, our Brother only uses publicly available information that users have disclosed on social media and other resources, thus making them available to analyze and process. As a result, the project’s client has at their disposal the most refined targeting technologies available, some of which can be used free of charge, while others are available only for a fee. For example, ads can be targeted at women with children free of charge, but for an additional fee the audience can be limited to women with children in the specified age range.

Remember: these options are available for all four social networks popular among Russians, with Facebook being the final and most recent to be integrated with SocialKey Ads. In addition, this type of interaction with Facebook used to also be available to clients before that used the personal services of SocialKey Ads, but now it is open to all clients of the project.

Retail implications

It is now possible for digital retail companies to target their advertising on social media with greater precision. As an example, a store might buy ads to be shown only to men within the specified income range and education level living or working in the specified area and owning, for example, iOS smartphones, or perhaps taking pictures with Canon reflex cameras. In anticipation of summer, advertising can be fine-tuned for beach lovers or, before the back-to-school season, for parents of upperclassmen or first-years at college. As you can see, there are a lot of great options. Depending on the situation at hand and the selected business tasks, the SocialKey Ads client can choose targeting parameters themselves or contact the project consultants.

22 April 2016

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