Digital Society Laboratory

Digital Society Laboratory carries out marketing research using data from social media and the Internet. The company offers all types of services, from developing a research program to gathering data and interpreting results. The Laboratory was founded in 2012 and currently employs 47 people.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide any and all necessary tools and technologies to help our clients work with social media on a qualitatively new level.

Our team

Elena Yurgel

Head of the media planning department, responsible for client marketing and processing client requests. 

University degree, Moscow State Linguistic University, Institute of International Relations and Sociopolitical Studies, sociologist, 2010 

+8 years of experience in marketing, online advertising, and research. Yelena started her professional career at TNS Gallup, the largest research company in the world, in the Online Research Department, and later developed Begun, an online advertising service. At DSL, she is in charge of client marketing and processing client requests regarding the entire product line. 

Maxim Korneev

Chief Operational Officer, responsible for the development of the company’s business, integration of scientific and commercial products. 

University degree, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 2007 

Extensive experience in management and development of systems for the analysis of large volumes of data. Worked in the Moscow office of Deutsche Bank, where he was responsible for its trading platform in Moscow, Frankfurt, and London, implemented a quality management system for software development. 

Vasily Kozhukhovsky

Lead Big Data Engineer, Scala Developer, responsible for data collection and processing.

University degree, Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics at the National Research University Higher School of Economics 

+10 years of experience in software development. Developed the Data Leak Prevention (DLP) system at Jet Infosystems, was a technical expert on RTB at IPONWEB, gathered and processed data about advertising campaigns at Lifestreet Media. 

Evgeny Ryabov

Head of the research department, responsible for data analysis and interpretation. 

University degree, Volgograd State University, 2012 

Candidate of Economics, Volgograd State University, 2015 

+6 years of experience in marketing research. Worked at the Institute for Economic and Social Research foundation: developing methodologies, selecting tools, conducting surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and drafting reports. 

Nikolay Arefyev

Expert on machine learning and text processing, involved in text classification and clustering. 

University degree, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Lomonosov MSU, 2008 

Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Lomonosov MSU, 2013 

7+ years processing texts in natural languages and using Semantic Web technologies at Eventos. Currently, in addition to his work at Digital Society Laboratory, he also holds workshops at MSU for Operating Systems and Programming Systems, C/C++. Also supervises course and diploma projects and carries out academic research. 

Alexey Alexeyev

Head of the Integral Profile department, responsible for Big Data and machine learning. 

University degree, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Lomonosov MSU, 2008 

10+ years of experience in software development. Worked at Yandex and Svyaznoy on machine learning projects and big data processing as a developer, product manager, and manager of Big Data engineer and machine learning specialist teams. 3+ years as a Lead Developer at Custis. 


Launching commercial research for mass consumers. Cooperation with ROCIT on the Runet Hotline project. Launching and developing Smart Apps products.
Launching SocialKey Ads, a platform for creating and managing highly targeted ads on social media.
First successful cases in profiled advertising. Launching Page Analytics and CRM-Profiling products.
Starting cooperation with Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Moy Mir. Gathering data in the Integral Profile.
Digital Society Laboratory was founded. Developing technologies for gathering and processing social media data.


Our clients

Urban Group
A large real estate development company specializing in the construction of residential properties in the Moscow Region
A Russian real estate developer specializing in housing and commercial property projects in the European part of the Russian Federation
Touch Bank
The online bank of OTP Group, a European financial group, one of the leaders of the banking market of Central and Eastern Europe
Khimki Group
The flagship of a new direction of the property development in Russia
PIK Group
One of the leading Russian public developers of large-scale housing projects in Moscow
O1 Group
An international private company that makes direct investments in various sectors of the economy
Veles Development
A major Moscow-based real estate developer of cottage towns, shopping centers, and other commercial properties
One of the most important participants of a massive program for providing Muscovites with apartments in new luxury buildings
Bronnitsy Jewelery
One of Russia’s oldest crafters of fine jewelry and the undisputed leader on the Russian market
This company used state-of-the-art technologies to come up with a new housing style for the Russian market—the smart house
A dynamic brand of women’s and men’s footwear that has been making top-quality products for +10 years
A large online bank for business owners in the top three best mobile banks for individuals and legal entities
A Russian real estate developer specializing in the construction of residential estates in Moscow and its greater metropolitan area
A real estate development group actively involved in building properties in Moscow and the Moscow Region
Tekta Group
A large construction company. Builds residential and administrative buildings, carries out social infrastructure projects


Digital Society Laboratory welcomes cooperation with research companies and marketing agencies interested in developing new information gathering and analysis methods. 

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