• In Russia, 90% Internet users have social media accounts
  • The average active user of social media has 114 friends
  • 56% of VKontakte users indicate their marital status
  • Women’s interests on VKontakte

Products and services

Enrichment and updating of CRM systems with structured client information from Facebook and VKontakte
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Innovative solutions for complex marketing challenges based on smart applications
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Analysis of the web page audience of the brand and its key competitors on Facebook and VKontakte
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A platform to manage ads on all Russian-language social media at the same time
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Benefits of DSL research
Big Data technology* Survey Focus groups In-depth interviews
Accurate, specific and detailed data yes no yes yes
Deep text analysis yes no yes yes
Fast turnaround yes no no no
Low statistical error yes yes no no
Highly specific target groups yes no no no
Conclusions based on actions and activities, not people’s answers yes no no no
Advanced statistical analysis yes yes no no
Analysis of the historical situation yes no no no
Large research samples yes no no no
* DSL Research data collection and analytics techniques

Partners and clients

Urban Group
A large real estate development company specializing in the construction of residential properties in the Moscow Region
A Russian real estate developer specializing in housing and commercial property projects in the European part of the Russian Federation
Touch Bank
The online bank of OTP Group, a European financial group, one of the leaders of the banking market of Central and Eastern Europe
Khimki Group
The flagship of a new direction of the property development in Russia
PIK Group
One of the leading Russian public developers of large-scale housing projects in Moscow
O1 Group
An international private company that makes direct investments in various sectors of the economy
Veles Development
A major Moscow-based real estate developer of cottage towns, shopping centers, and other commercial properties
The world’s largest social network
One of Russia’s largest hi-tech companies
A social network for finding and establishing business contacts
An Apache Software Foundation project that distributes a free package of utilities, libraries and framework for working with Big Data
An American company, the largest in the world in terms of the online sales of goods and services
Department of Science and Innovations at the Modern University for the Humanities
Development and organization of research in the psychology of learning and cognitive neurology
RSUH Institute of Linguistics
A research and educational institution in the Russian State University for the Humanities
Faculty of Psychology at Lomonosov MSU
The Faculty of Psychology at Moscow State University is regarded as one of the world’s leading psychological centers
Department of the Pragmatics of Culture at NRE HSE
The University-Wide Department of the Pragmatics of Culture at the National Research University Higher School of Economics was initiated by the Art Pragmatica Research Foundation
A social network and the most popular website in Russia
RAS Institute of Psychology
A research institution in the Section of Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Law in the Branch of Social Sciences at the Russian Academy of Sciences
Zircon Research Group
Russia’s oldest independent and privately owned research company specializing in social and marketing research
One of the most important participants of a massive program for providing Muscovites with apartments in new luxury buildings

About the company

With our unique data analysis specialists, we are best positioned to conduct social and marketing research on social media and the Internet

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119072, Russia, Moscow, 6/3, Bersenevskaya emb.


Direttore MiaItalia s.r.l.
Alexey Bozhkov
Direttore MiaItalia s.r.l.
Digital Society Laboratory was referred to us when we were looking for unique solutions to reach out to the project-specific audience. Now, we are grateful to the Digital Society Laboratory team for a case-by-case approach to handling our needs, their deep immersion into our business, and their effective collaboration, all of which contributed to the completion of a very challenging project.
Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Ilya Dubinsky
Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
For us, the product line offered by Digital Society Laboratory is first and foremost a set of valuable tools for the collection, processing, and analysis of data from a massive source of knowledge about the social media audience. The research conducted by the company in this environment is a new solution on the market of research for businesses.
Commercial Director, Urban Group
Dmitry Usanov
Commercial Director, Urban Group
Urban Group is grateful to Digital Society Laboratory LLC for their dedicated professionalism and quality of service in the promotion of our products on social media and for the research activities that help us make the right decisions when building our company’s marketing strategy.
CEO, 2R-Media
Roman Minayev
CEO, 2R-Media
DSL has its own unique research approach to the client’s business goals known as “intelligent sales.” We are currently successfully using SocialKey Ads to handle our main task of attracting requests to PIK GC, and in the future we have plans to try out other research solutions of the company and advance to a new level of interaction with the audience.
Individual investor, business owner
Vitaly Belik
Individual investor, business owner
Digital Society Laboratory is probably one of the few hi-tech Internet companies in Russia that skilfully combines science and business. Digital research on social media is a very useful addition to and, in certain respects, has major advantages over existing conventional (offline) research methods.